A unique and revolutionary product to preserve our history

It is a totally ecologic natural culture media without additives or preservatives, which feeds a group of specific bacteria living in different types of ornamental stones.

The product regenerates the stone naturally without altering the colour and texture, and thanks to the components of its innovative formulation, it activates and feeds the existing carbonategenic bacteria among the natural microbiota of the treated stone.

The metabolic activity of the micro organisms creates favourable chemical conditions for the precipitation of a natural calcium carbonate cement, of microns of thickness and deeply rooted (several centimetres) into the porous system of the stone.

The natural cement regenerates and consolidates treated stones, without altering the porous system in such a way that makes the stone more resistant to mechanical stress and chemical attack.

The product comes in a watery solution, and it is made under a strict and complex production and self-nailed, at constant temperature and pressure in order to avoid the culture pollution and keep the effectiveness and purity of the product.

“Technology based on the results of the research carried out by the University of Granada”

The culture is suitable for use in some types of porous rocks, such as:

  • Altered porous calcareous rock
  • Quarried porous calcareous rock
  • Porous sandstone
  • Lime mortars
  • Hybrid mortars
  • Portland cement mortars

  • The product has been scientifically tested in different monuments with great success, for example, El Monasterio de San Jerónimo in Granada – Spain.

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